23 August 2016


Chareon Rat Road was an artist’s paradise. Lined with beautiful galleries, shops, small hotels and restaurants overlooking the Ping River, it was a sight to behold in the twilight. The shops had begun to turn on their lights and suddenly, the street was bathed in a dim romantic glow.

There across the street stood WOO, a twinkling café, gallery, and lifestyle shop that seemed to beckon to us. As we stood under the large hanging fern over its porch, we could see people huddled over their tables excitedly chatting away over dinner as waiters moved about the room.

Unfortunately, we only got to see a small glimpse of the café that night as the place was packed and had no seats available. Undeterred, we returned the next morning before our 2 o’clock flight determined to have a cuppa before leaving. In the daylight, the shop was nothing short of breathtaking.

Walking in, I didn’t know what to swoon over first. A stunning centerpiece composed of flowers, candles, and decorative ornaments took center-stage in the middle of the foyer. Small trinkets decorated every table, and cake domes shaped like exotic hats housed an array of beautiful cakes next to the gleaming espresso machine. However, the most impressive sight of all was the sheer amount of lush plants, trees, and flowers. Greenery was featured in every corner of the room and breathed life into the whole space.

Woo café was buzzing, with one person revving up the espresso machine, another person arranging flowers, and another tidying up the room. Not long after it opened its doors for the day, people started swooping in for breakfast.

When our orders came, it obvious that the establishment had put a lot of thought and passion into their craft. The scrumptious banoffee pie I ordered was served on beautiful crockery, and the beverages we ordered had their own custom wooden coasters that added to their charm. As I tucked in to my breakfast, I certainly had no qualms about having so much sugar so early in the day.

The art didn’t stop there. As promised, located at the back of the café was a lifestyle shop that housed knick-knacks, clothing, and artwork, while on the second floor was an art exhibit filled with paintings and sculptures. The whole space was a haven for the creative and imaginative, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring it.

After wandering the whole space and sipping on Thai iced tea, I had the pleasure of talking with the mastermind behind this one-of-a-kind café who told me the space was where he allowed his imagination and passions to become reality. Whatever he had in mind, he brought to life in this space.

He called the concept of the behind eclectic space elastic, which meant there were no rules or boundaries when it came to designing. Elements such as wood, iron, glass, earth, and water worked harmoniously together and gave the space its distinct personality.

After catching our 2 o’clock flight, I couldn’t stop wistfully thinking about the lush greenery, delicious pie, and unique pieces of artwork I had seen earlier that day. To see a space brought to life by one person’s inner musings was a testament to the importance of imagination and creativity of a single soul. If you ever find yourself walking down Chareon Rat Road, don’t forget to stop by. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a slice of pie.


Special thanks to the manager of WOO for taking the time to talk with me about the wonderful space. I look forward to visiting again soon.

Address: 80 Charoenrat Road, Watgate, MuangChiangmai, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Phone: +66 52 003 717
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Woochiangm