3 February 2017


Siting at the mouth of the Han River, Danang is the city of the future. What was onc ecoastal backwater is now the largest city in Central Vietnam and a major port. Ask anybody who’s been to Danang, and they’ll tell you that the most striking thing about the city is its sheer number of cranes and constructions. Other than its beaches, Danang lacks conventional tourist attractions at the moment, but come back in two years and you’ll see a city transformed.

As it is today, the city is already home to a couple architectural feats like the Danang Administrative Center and its colorful bridges. The city’s third wave coffee scene is also beginning to take off as well, spurred on by the caffeine-loving locals, who like locals in every other city in Vietnam, are wild about coffee.

In Danang, there’s no better place to get your daily fix than at Mia Coffee. One of the city’s first coffee shops, Mia Coffee offers a warm respite from the chilly morning air. The shop’s exposed brick walls, black accents, and crisscrossing cables lent the shop an overall industrial vibe that paired perfectly with the warehouse it called home. The shop is divided into two floors with the upper floor overlooking the going-ons below and the ground floor full of bustling waiters flitting from one table to another.

Throughout the shop, groups of people huddled together over cups of coffee in preparation of the windy day ahead while caching up on news they might have missed out. Seeking to warm up ourselves, we ordered a latte, Americano, and hot chocolate. After nursing the mug of hot chocolate, I went downstairs to seek out the story behind the cup. As I asked one of Mia Coffee’s waitresses about the shop, we ran into a barrier, a language barrier to be more precise. Undeterred, she quickly whipped out her phone and asked me to type in what I meant to say in her translator. I quickly told her I wanted to write an article about the shop, and she cheerfully led the way to Mia Coffee’s founder, Mr. Nguyen.

My conversation with Mr. Nguyen was slightly choppy due to the language barrier, but we pulled through with the waitress’ translator and Mr. Nguyen’s English speaking friend. After talking about the shop’s history, we waved goodbye, and I made my way back into the windy streets. At the end of the day, despite speaking two different languages, we understood each other just fine. For a city that is ever changing, the locals can rest assured that they have a constant in Mia Coffee.


Many thanks to Mr. Nguyen and the lovely staff. Danang's chilly air is made warmer by you and the coffee you serve.


Address: 9 Quang Trung, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
Phone: +84 90 555 20 61
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6AM-10PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miacoffeehouse/