5 June 2017


Touted as one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations is a city forgotten by time. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Hoi An was once the principal port of the spice trade, but today is nothing short of a scene from a storybook with its lantern-strewn streets and old turmeric-hued shophouses.

To get to Hoi An, you can take a 45 minute car ride from nearby Danang. From there on, bikes are the best way to go. A town full of hidden gems, every corner holds a picture perfect moment to capture and save for rainy days.

As you cycle, you may notice that the town has no shortage of tailors. You can get dresses and suits made in a snap for a fraction of the cost at a conventional shop.The town is also home to numerous art galleries and a couple museums where you can admire textiles and local craftsmanship.

Hoi An has a place for foodies as well. There are a variety of Western that serve up Italian classics like pasta and pizza with good wine to boot, and local shops that you can find scattered throughout town. Hoi An also caters to the coffee lover and boasts a myriad of shops that you can read about on this website.

While this is the perfect place to visit with your significant other, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting Hoi An with friends, family,or by yourself. No matter who you end up going with, enjoy the culture, the architecture, and the lights.