21 May 2020


I’m elated to finally get to share this project I've had going on with all of you! After four-ish years of writing about cafes and coffee culture in Southeast Asia and beyond, I've come to realize that each region has a preferred taste, method, flavor profile, etc. when it comes to caffeine. Some roasts are darker than others, and some coffee beans are fruitier than the rest—that sort of thing. I've concocted three blends that I believe do a pretty good job at representing the flavors of the cities they're named after.

First one up, Jakarta of course! This blend was inspired by the many brews I’ve tried throughout the city I call home. I noticed that coffee was, for the most part, rich, and had underlying flavors of brown sugar, characteristic of coffees from Java.

I like this one in milk-based drinks, but you can do whatever you want. It would also be great in an Americano or a pour over.

To get your hands on a pouch, visit https://www.tokopedia.com/coffeejournal?source=universe&st=product.