22 August 2020


The second city-inspired blend from the collection is BANGKOK!

I wanted to make a blend inspired by Bangkok because that city is really something else when it comes to caffeine (and food, shopping, design, and everything else, really)! They have everything from ultra-sleek minimalist cafes, leafy coffee shops, to superb basement cafeteria coffee counters. You name it, Bangkok has it.

Regarding the coffee in this blend, I took note of a couple of recurring trends I observed throughout the city, namely that coffee is usually roasted considerably lighter than you might find in other places, is fruity, and must be good in filter brews. I hope you find this blend checks all the boxes! Definitely try it in something like a V60, Chemex, or French press!

This blend (along with the JAKARTA blend) is available on my Tokopedia store that you can access via this link https://www.tokopedia.com/coffeejournal?source=universe&st=product.