7 November 2016


You often hear coffee enthusiasts going on and on about how much coffees can differ in taste with one another. For the novice, this may sound like some sort of marketing gimmick or a means to look like a ‘cool kid’, but stick around the baristas’ counter for long enough, and you’ll find that they’re on to something. For decades, people have consumed badly roasted coffee of poor quality and have been made to believe that coffee is boring, flat, and just black.

Enter The New Black, a shop dedicated to showcasing all the colors of coffee. Located in the lobby of 9 Raffles Place, this is where the curious and truly obsessed go to experience their favorite drink in a new light.  An open space, The New Black looks like the coffee shop of the future with their ultra-sleek designs and a la mode minimalism. Pops of color dotted the room here and there, and while feeling very modern, had slight Andy Warhol vibe to it.  

In front of their bright orange front wall, was one very sophisticated piece of machinery. Instead of having an espresso machine sitting on top of their counter, this one-of-a-kind chrome, steel, and glass workstation had their machine integrated right into its surface next to a couple state-of-the art tea infusers.

Ordering a drink was part of the experience as well. Peruse their menu on an iPad and pick from a wide selection of the world’s finest coffees roasted by some of the most acclaimed roasters in the world, whose pictures you could admire on the wall. There is no such thing as a boring black coffee here; The New Black ensured you got the most out of your daily cuppa by preserving the subtle nuances, notes, and flavors of their top-notch beans.

If you feel overwhelmed by the all the options bestowed upon you, consult the coffee wheel, a comprehensive chart detailing all of coffee’s flavors and profiles. Like people, coffee is unique, and no two are the same. Deciding on a fruity Americano and two iced teas, I watched as Shasha and CJ meticulously brewed each drink. With their glossy gadgets and gizmos, the process practically looked like performance art, and watching was mesmerizing.

Whilst brewing, Shasha explained that The New Black was the brainchild of a London based interior designer, which explained the shop’s ultra-modern feel and designer chicness. She explained that they would soon be opening up shop in the owner’s native London, where they’ll surely be a big hit.

Don’t expect to see The New Black in any residential areas anytime soon, the shop had a policy of opening only in the traditional workplace, and even offered a shop-to-desk delivery service. Also, make sure you bring your card when visiting as the shop does not accept cash, which CJ remarked was a means to keep everything clean and sterile.

When I finally tasted the drinks, it was clear to see that the meticulous fashion in which The New Black treated their fare wasn’t just for show. It’s incredible what attention to detail can do to two things as simple as coffee and tea. The beverages were served in two-toned neon cups, and though disposable, were beautiful enough to display on a shelf as a memento, as I’ve done at home.

Saying our goodbyes to Shasha and CJ, we were off to catch our evening flight back home. During this trip, I visited an array of shops of all different colors, concepts, and aesthetics. The coffees served in these shops were as wide and varied as the people serving them. The same way one would end a meal with dessert, The New Black was the perfect end to this marvelous adventure; their attention to detail, dedication to quality, and fun take on the simple pleasure of coffee and tea was something to remember. I can’t wait to come back.


Shout out to Shasha and CJ for being so friendly and so fun to talk with. Looking forward to seeing you again soon in the near future.


Address: #01-23/23A,, 9 Raffles Pl, Singapore 048619
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM; Sat-Sun Closed
Instagram: @thenewblackcoffee
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenewblackasia/
Website: http://thenewblack.coffee/