22 October 2017


Over the years, good coffee has become more and more accessible – it’s around every corner, down every street, and a mainstay on blogs and Facebook pages all over the world. Now it seems, people are looking for more than just a good cup of coffee, but rather a complete experience made up of  a good location, warm atmosphere, and picture perfect surroundings.

Indonesia’s got this down to a tee – people just can’t get enough of café culture and make a show of it by hanging around long after they’ve emptied their cups. In fact, there’s even a word to describe the time spent hanging out with friends over coffee. Nongkrong is what it’s called, and that was exactly the scene I stumbled upon at Mimiti Coffee and Space.

You could say Mimiti has all the workings of a textbook nongkrong spot: prime real estate on one of Bandung’s most popular streets, great atmosphere, and super cool design. Opened in June of 2016, Mimiti Coffee and Space is the brainchild of five partners (one of whom is an architect) looking to create a great place for people to nongkrong. Built in the garden of the house next door (which also happens to be a bridal shop), its sleek Japanese-inspired shop and great fare make Mimiti one of the most popular – and Instagrammed – shops in town.

To get to the shop, you’ll first walk up a gravel-lined concrete walkway, and as you make your way, you’ll pass by numerous tree-shaded outdoor garden tables perfect for breezy afternoons. Once in the shop, you’ll find that the space itself is quite straightforward: a minimalistic glass-lined structure with high ceilings, concrete walls, and a simple white marble baristas’ counter decked out in a selection of beans, bakes, and a shinny red single group espresso machine.

Art is regularly switched around – at the time of my visit, a print of Morrissey modeling for Supreme, shot by Terry Richardson, took center stage. To the side of the space is a rack of clothes from the partners’ clothing line that I was told has been around longer than the shop itself.

You can’t talk about a coffee shop without talking about its coffee. The shop utilizes an array of Indonesian coffee, although it does feature coffee from elsewhere from time to time. Mimiti makes it clear that it is not a restaurant, and rather a specialty coffee shop – but that’s not to say their cakes and snacks aren’t worth trying.

The people you’ll find at Mimiti are varied – Bandung locals, Jakartans on a weekend getaways, and plenty of regulars. Every now and then, you’ll see someone lean up on the concrete walls to take an OOTD shot or whip out their mirrorless cameras to snap here and there before going back to their table. Most of the people there were just content to catch up with friends, and of course, nongkrong.

Address: Jalan Sumur Bandung No. 14, Simpang Dago, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40321
Phone: 081321360798
Opening hours: 8AM-8PM everyday
Instagram: @mimiticoffee