6 November 2017








Bekasi is a big city with a big personality – a bustling metropolitan choked full of culinary options and a rapidly growing coffee scene. Gone are the days of being Jakarta’s less-than-glamorous sister, Bekasi has made a name and identity all of its own.

The newest addition to this ever growing city is Bacassie – quite literally Bekasi but spelled in Dutch fashion. Taking up residence in the sprawling mini-city of Harapan Indah, Bacassie is a homey coffee shop made for the residents around the shop, avid writer, and of course, the coffee lover.

Orignally a house, Bacassie has the air of a home that was lovingly decorated for family and guests in mind. Strewn with a collection of antique furniture and fresh new pieces, Bacassie has a cozy nook for everyone. My personal favorite spot is located right behind the barista’s counter: a breezy courtyard that will soon be shaded by a tree and a wall of greenery.

The menu is pretty simple and straightforward: coffee drinks (e.g. espresso, Americano, latte, etc.) with the occasional sweet-tooth satisfying blend here and there. As for bites, expect snacks, and a selection of sumptuous pastries and cakes. The brownies and cheesecake are two must try’s.

Bacassie primarily serves as a coffee roastery before anything else. The roasters behind Eight Coffee in Grand Galxy City, it plans on expanding its reaches to other coffee shops around town. Utilizing primarily Indonesian coffee, Bacassie meticulously roasts all its bean in such a way that brings out all their individual standout characteristics.

To see where the magic happens, pass through the terra cotta-lined porch and turn right at the baristas’ counter. There, you can take a good look at the coffee roasting machine in the room next door. In the future, Bacassie plans on hosting coffee-related events such as barista training, cupping sessions, and even roasting classes.

Also to look forward to is Bacassie’s coffee catering service – think fun garden parties with a super stylish coffee station equipped with an espresso machine manned by one of their baristas at your event. That’s one thing get people talking for months. If you think the shop is the perfect place for your event, simply talk to one of the baristas to organize something.

This is a fresh new addition to a city that was once an afterthought. From its name alone, you can already tell Bacassie is definitely out to steal the hearts of the people of this thriving metropolitan.




Address: Jl. Taman Heliconia, Blok HO 1 No. 3, Pusaka Rakyat, Tarumajaya, Bekasi, West Java 17214
Opening hours: 1PM-9PM Everyday
Instagram: @bacassieco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bacassie-The-Coffee-Roasting-Company--1297483103652084/
Website: https://www.bacassie.com/