17 December 2017


You can find lots of things in Luang Prabang – temples, colonial houses, lively markets – but one thing you won’t see is tall buildings. Most buildings in town stand at a maximum of two stories at most, so not only this next space a skyscraper of an eye-catcher, but it really is the tallest building in town.

It’s hard to cycle past Indigo House everyday and not pull over eventually. Each time I passed by in on my somewhere, I would catch glimpses of people walking in and out with loaves of freshly baked bread in hand and the promise of a cool iced latte inside. By its entrance, the shop had set up an outdoor cakes and pastries stand that made it that much more enticing. Eventually, I had to park my bike.

Settling down at a table by the door, I finally got a good look at the place that had been taunting me for days. The building’s cafe was decorated in hues of blue and white and was full of breakfast goers talking over coffee and croissants. Large and spacious, the space extended all the way to the back where a boutique laid.

The coffee served at Indigo House is 100 percent organic and grown in the rich soils of southern Laos where it is roasted by a small farmer community in Paksong. The dishes on Indigo House’s healthy menu is well-loved by everyone but especially the vegetarian and vegan community thanks to its tasty options and freshness – most ingredients used in the dishes are grown in the cafe’s very own Indigo farm, ensuring farm-fresh ingredients all year long.

A 12-room hotel, Indigo House acts as Luang Prabang’s hub where people from all over town come to congregate over the coffee and bakes served in the hotel’s cafe. Besides coffee, pastries, and lodgings, Indigo House sells an assortment of indigo-dyed fabrics, shawls, and accessories that are soft to the touch, and would make for a lovely gift for a friend, or for yourself.

As the tallest building in the center of Luang Prabang, Indigo House has made great use of its superior height by turning its rooftop terrace into a bar where patrons can relax with a couple cocktails and while watching the going-ons of the Night Market across the street. If you’re more of morning-bike-ride-then-coffee type of person however, Indigo House is just as great of a stop and near impossible to pass up on.

Address: Sisavangvong Road, Ban Pakham Luang Prabang 06000, Laos
Phone: +856 71 212 264
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 6.30AM-10.00PM; Fri-Sat 6.30PM-10PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indigohousehotel/
Website: http://www.indigohouse.la/