17 March 2018


When going out for coffee, most people look for a quiet little cafe tucked away in a corner of town, well away from the crowds – malls usually aren’t the first place you’d look in. Malls in Asia are generally where you’d find hip brunch spots, go on shopping sprees, or at the very least enjoy the ever evolving food court scene. Be that as it may, as always, Bangkok is not a city that conforms to the typical, especially when it comes to their coffee.

At the trendy Siam Discovery mall, just behind an array of colorful home ware items, you’ll find a stylish coffee shop that serves some of the city’s most highly regarded coffee. Roasting everything from Colombian to Kenyan coffee, Brave Roasters is best known for pushing local Thai coffee to a wider audience. Their most popular blend by far is their Chiang Mai blend which is processed in a variety of ways – washed, natural, and honey, all of which have their own distinct characteristics, but are equally good.

The shop opened a year and a half ago and supplies coffee to cafes all around Bangkok. Acquaintances with the mall’s general manager, Brave Roasters was invited to bring an element of specialty coffee expertise to the popular hang out spot. It’s obvious they succeeded as some people make their way to the mall just for the coffee– not because they need a place to while away the hours as their partners shop.

Not only do they do coffee well, their homemade bakes and freshly made food are two things that are definitely worth stopping by for – their lemon cake is superb. If the coffee, food, or cakes don’t manage to sell you into coming to Brave Roasters, maybe the fact that it’s a great place to people-watch (and BTS Skytrain-watch) will. One thing’s for sure, you know where to go in Siam Discovery when you just need a boost of caffeine.

Address: 3/F, Siam Discovery, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: +66 95 947 2813
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM daily
Instagram: @braveroasters
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/braveroasters/
Website: http://www.braveroasters.com/